Fr, 27. April | The thinking Body. von Kincsö Szabó

ab 19h

In this work Kincsö Szabó examines the value of the human body perception through physical sequences of movement 

"Iàm asking myself how can we address the potential value of body perception in a language dominated and knowledge based society. And perhaps also use it in our daily life?"

You will taste, smell, hear, feel and move yourself..

Experience the development of the Masterthesis project of Kincsö Szabó | Masterstudio HGK FHNW

Concept - Kincsö Szabó

Performers - Sophie Stephanie Kellner, Christina Gabriela Galli, Samuele Tirendi, Kincsö Szabó

Artist Collaboration - Romanos Theodoridis

Mentors - Prof. Bettina Köhler, Susanne Scheerer 


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